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"CATTAIL BAND is one of the most fun groups to form in this region. Their appeal is so wide ranging, you see them one day in a biker-bar and next day doing a church benefit!" 

SAWMILL PIZZA & BREW SHED - Goodness, last Sunday was awesome!  The performance Cattail Moon gave us was absolutely remarkable!  It fit the day perfectly!!  Thank you for sharing your gift!    CLEAR LAKE, WI    Aug. 2022 (Have been invited back multiples times since & looking foward to this summer with the new owners:)

LUCK MUSIC IN THE PARK SERIES - It's always good to hear your Irish tunes and the variety of instruments.  We were sure glad you could return to Luck this summer!   Luck, WI   June, 2022 (We've played Luck at least 8 times:)

CAROLYN - WEDDING RECEPTION:  5 out of 5 rating 5.0    On  "This band is so much fun to listen to, and they provide a wonderful assortment of genres.  They play dancing music (rock), easy listening music, gospel, Irish, and many others.  Their ability to harmonize is incredible and they all play several string instruments plus, it's just as much fun to watch them as it is to listen to them.  Many of my family have become new fans and will be following them around to hear them at festivals, outdoor concerts, etc.  (Only played once for them.......hopefully they're still together:)

THE SPECTATOR NEWSPAPER- Eau Claire, WI "Cattail Moon brought fresh vibes to acoustic music by playing a widespread collection of genres and a plethora of instruments.  The venue was bursting with an enthusiastic audience entranced by the melodic tunes & acoustic sounds being performed."  (Always a great crowd at Acoustic Cafe on Barstow Street:)

POLK COUNTY SALVATION ARMY FUNDRAISER:  "We can't even begin to thank Cardinal Glass enough for their generosity and the Cattail Moon Band! Cardinal Glass matched ALL guitar case donations during the band performance at our Backpack Fundraiser in Amery! The total was $3,550! WOW! With their amazing generosity the event has raised close to $17,000 with some donations still coming in towards it...our goal was $20,000 for this event...with the additional donations, we might just get there! "   (Play this every year:)

LUCK MUSIC IN THE PARK:  "Thank you for coming to Luck again for a lively concert at our Music In The Park. Everyone enjoyed your variety of vocals and various instruments. Your group has been a positive addition to our summertime line up & we appreciate your performance."  (Played this music series at least 8 times:)

BACKPACK FUNDRAISER - POLK COUNTY SALVATION ARMY:   "What a wonderful group of musicians! Everyone loved you, and the compliments were MANY!  They request you back next much fun!"  Betty - Amery (Have played every year since for this event except then they took it virtual for Covid:)

MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION MUSEUM: "Thanks for your music presentation at our event. We were delighted with your music and hope you will be available for next year's Pumpkin Express Train!"   (Have played this event every year for 7 years since:)

 LIFTBRIDGE BREWERY STILLWATER:   "Can't wait to have you back out here!"  (We've been invited back too many times to count, guessing we've played there over 

30 times:)


SIREN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  "Thank you and the “CATTAILS” for playing at our Siren Music in the Park. Feedback has been very positive and attached is coverage from this week's Inter-County Leader. You are also featured on their cover page! I hope you will consider attending again !  (We've been invited back 8 times since then) Executive Director, Siren Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

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